Title of the training

World Bank and Public Procurement Authority Procurement Rules


4 Days (24 lesson hours)

Purpose and scope

This training aims to provide participants with knowledge and skills about the World Bank and Public Procurement Authority (Kamu Ihale Kurumu. KIK) procurement rules and procedures and principles, purchasing limits, tender types and rules.

Target audience

The main target group of this training is those who are involved in the technical support side of the projects supported by the World Bank and those who have duties and responsibilities in the execution of projects and procurement processes in public institutions and organizations.


This training is given by experts who are familiar with the World Bank and Public Procurement Authority purchasing rules, who have previously applied these rules, and who are familiar with business processes and flows. As a specialization requirement, the World Bank Purchasing Rules and the Public Procurement Authority Purchasing Rules can also be given by two separate educators.

Objectives and learning outcomes

Those who have successfully completed the World Bank and Public Procurement Authority Purchasing Rules training are expected to;

  • Explain the World Bank and Public Procurement Authority procurement rules, the differences and similarities between them,
  • Ensure that the contractually valid (WB or KIK) procurement transactions in the projects they manage are carried out in accordance with the rules,
  • Determine compliance with the rules of the relevant institution in the purchase/tender transactions they evaluate, examine or express opinions and form opinions.


The World Bank and Public Procurement Authority Purchasing Rules training program includes the following topics:

  • World Bank Purchasing Rules
    • General Considerations
    • Purchase Terms
    • Supply
    • Construction Works
    • Consultancy Services
  • Public Procurement Authority Purchasing Rules
    • Common Provisions on Tender Practices
    • Special Provisions for Construction Works Tenders
    • Special Provisions of Service Procurement Tenders
    • Special Provisions of Procurement Tenders
    • Complaint and Review Process
    • Electronic Tender and Electronic Subtraction

Delivery and method

Purchasing Rules Training is applied face-to-face. A group in this training is recommended to not exceed 20 people. However, if conditions arise that prevent face-to-face training, the training may be delivered remotely by using the Me-Learning© online learning platform and the Actio© meeting management tool.

The training is mainly carried out in the form of theoretical knowledge about the legislation and case studies. The presentation of conceptual and legal regulatory issues is reinforced by including exemplary applications.

Some online tools (Mentimeter, SurveyMonkey, etc.) can also be used in question-and-answer sections, group work and activities to support the active participation of the participants.

Learning tools and materials

Training materials consist of presentations and case studies. Examples from different projects on the implementation of purchasing rules are used as training materials.

Audio visual and multimedia materials, templates, worksheets and other materials for exercises and practices are prepared by the trainer and distributed to the participants. If there is a sufficient number of hardware such as computers, notebooks or tablets in the learning environment, all materials are provided in a digital format and studies are carried out in digital context.

In accordance with our waste reduction policy, printed materials are not distributed in this training unless it is educationally necessary.

Assessment and evaluation

In order to optimize the learning process according to the learners’ needs, the level of readiness of the learners is assessed informally by the trainer at the beginning of the training. The studies carried out by the learners, such as exercises and practices are assessed as indicators of the development / learning and the trainer provides feedback and adjusts learning activities based on them in order to ensure effective learning.

A question sheet is administered  to the participants before and after the training online or in print to determine the level of awareness and knowledge about the World Bank and Public Procurement Authority Purchasing Rules. In addition, at the end of the training, the Training Evaluation Questionnaire is applied.

All participants who complete the training receive a certificate of participation showing that they have completed the World Bank and Public Procurement Authority Purchasing Rules Training, with duration of the training clearly stated.


World Bank Procurement Rules, Public Procurement Authority Procurement Rules, Procurement Procedures in Projects, Special Provisions for Construction Works Tenders, Special Provisions for Service Procurement Tenders, Special Provisions for Procurement of Goods

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