Title of the training

Wastewater Management


1,5 Days (9 lesson hours)

Purpose and scope

In wastewater management, preventing pollution at its source, adopting innovative approaches, benefiting more from renewable energy sources by benefiting from new and clean technologies and ensuring energy efficiency are gaining more importance day by day.

This training aims to provide information about wastewater management principles in general, the direct connection of the process with climate change, innovative approaches and good practices in this direction.

Target audience

The main target group of this training is decision-makers and practitioners in wastewater management in private enterprises, public institutions and local governments, undergraduate students in the field of environment and sustainability and those working in these fields.


Wastewater Management training will be delivered by trainers who have experience in developing, implementing or managing projects in the field of wastewater management and/or who have academic studies in the field of wastewater management.

Objectives and learning outcomes

Those who have successfully completed the Wastewater Management training are expected to;

  • Explain wastewater management, the connection of the process with climate change and the current situation in Turkey,
  • Explain the good examples from the world and Turkey,
  • Address the problems related to wastewater management with a different and innovative perspective and develop solution proposals.


The training includes the following topics:

  • Wastewater management
  • Impacts of climate change on water management
  • The current state of wastewater management in Turkey
  • Reduction of emissions from wastewater
  • The importance of institutional capacity in relevant local governments in wastewater management and recommendations for its development
  • Innovative approaches in wastewater management (Recovery, reuse, grey water, purple network, etc.)
  • Good practice examples from the world and Turkey (Examples of practices in which treated wastewater is used directly or indirectly for human consumption in the world, etc.)

Delivery and method

Wastewater Management Training is applied face-to-face. It is recommended to have no more than 20 people in each group to ensure active participation and effective learning in this training. However, if conditions arise that prevent the training from being applied face-to-face, the training may be delivered remotely by using the Me-Learning© online learning platform and the Actio© meeting management tool

In addition to the transfer of theoretical information on the subject, good practice examples and alternative solutions from around the world are examined and methods such as brainstorming, group work and case study are used to create alternatives for the production of innovative solutions at the local level.

Learning tools and materials

Training materials consist of presentations and case studies on education. Documents related to projects exemplifying innovative approaches in wastewater management and relevant parts of documents/documents related to good practice examples from the world and Turkey are used as teaching and learning materials.

Audio visual and multimedia materials to be used in the training, templates, worksheets and other materials for exercises and practices are prepared by the trainer and distributed to the participants. If there is a sufficient number of hardware such as computers, notebooks or tablets in the learning environment, all materials are provided in a digital format and studies are carried out in digital context.

In accordance with our waste reduction policy, printed materials are not distributed in this training unless it is educationally necessary.

Assessment and evaluation

A question sheet is administered  to the participants before and after the training in order to determine the level of awareness and knowledge about Wastewater Management online or in print. In addition, at the end of the training, the Training Evaluation Questionnaire is applied.

All participants who complete the training receive a certificate of participation showing that they have completed the Wastewater Management Training and the name and duration of the training they have received is clearly stated.


Wastewater management, climate change and wastewater management, emissions from wastewater, approaches to wastewater management

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