Title of the training

Training Needs Analysis


2 Days (12 lesson hours)

Purpose and scope

Training Needs Analysis training aims to improve the planning, implementation and reporting skills of the participants in corporate/organizational training needs analysis studies. Effective planning of training needs analysis, selection of appropriate methods and objective reporting are critical to the effectiveness and success of the institutional capacity building, knowledge and skills development process. This training is designed with a process-based approach, covering all stages of training needs analysis studies and developing skills practically.

Target audience of the training

Training Needs Analysis training is a recommended for human resources employees, trainers, corporate development consultants, human resources managers, independent training professionals, instructional designers and all professionals who will take part in training needs analysis studies, project managers and those who manage and implement training needs studies in projects.


Training Needs Analysis training is given by senior expert trainers who are experienced in training needs analysis studies, needs analysis reporting in the development of institutional capacity, curriculum design, teaching content design and developmental studies and educational sciences and / or who stand out with their studies in this field.

Objectives and learning outcomes of training

Those who have successfully completed the Training Needs Analysis training are expected to;

  • Explain the scope and importance of training needs analysis,
  • Explain the necessity of training needs analysis and the possible consequences of not having it carried out effectively,
  • Identify critical factors in the implementation of training needs analysis,
  • Define the stages and processes of training needs analysis,
  • Determine and use the tools and methods appropriate to the purpose of the training needs analysis,
  • Carry out all stages of training needs analysis effectively,
  • Report and present training needs analysis findings appropriately.

Content of the training

Training Needs Analysis training includes the following topics:

  • Training needs analysis: process, scope, importance and stages
  • Why training needs analysis is necessary
  • Elements of training needs analysis
  • Issues to be considered in training needs analysis
  • Stages of Training Needs analysis
  • Tools and techniques used in training needs analysis
  • Stakeholders in training needs analysis
  • Training needs analysis reporting and delivery

Delivery and method of training

Training Needs Analysis training is applied in the form of face-to-face training It is recommended to have no more than 20 people in each group to ensure active participation and effective learning.

The trainer guides learners to develop their educational needs analysis skills through interactions and practices in a way that facilitates learning and improves application skills.

Learning tools and materials

Training Needs Analysis training is carried out with a process-based learning approach. In this training, all stages of training needs analysis are handled through practical applications. A presentation, together with sample training needs analysis, worksheets, templates and similar teaching materials are used in a way to ensure the effective participation of the participants and to enable them to experience the skills.

Audio visual and multimedia materials, templates, worksheets and other materials for exercises and practices are distributed to the participants. However, if there is a sufficient number of hardware such as computers, notebooks or tablets in the learning environment, all materials are provided in a digital format and studies are carried out in digital context.

In accordance with our waste reduction policy, printed materials are not distributed in this training unless it is educationally necessary.

Assessment and evaluation

In order to optimize the learning process according to the learners’ needs, the level of readiness of the learners is assessed informally by the trainer at the beginning of the training. The studies carried out by the learners, such as exercises and practices are assessed as indicators of the development / learning and the trainer provides feedback and adjusts learning activities based on them in order to ensure effective learning. In addition, at the end of the training, the Training Evaluation Questionnaire is applied.

All participants who complete the training receive a certificate of participation showing that they have completed the “Training Needs Analysis” training, and the duration of the training they have received is clearly stated.


Training needs analysis, training needs analysis methods, training needs analysis tools, institutional capacity building.

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