Title of the training

Negotiation Techniques


2 Days (12 lesson hours)

Purpose and scope

Negotiation Techniques Training aims to provide personnel with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve the best results individually or organizationally in negotiations. These skills include using effective communication techniques in the negotiation process, developing effective strategies, tactics and countermeasures for manipulative opponents by better understanding the negotiation process, preparing for the negotiation process, planning the process and using negotiation techniques effectively. This training focuses on providing employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to more effectively achieve individual and corporate goals by using appropriate and effective negotiation strategies and techniques in their relationships with co-workers, employees, senior management, financial institutions, subcontracting parties, suppliers, contractors and other possible parties.

Target audience

Negotiation Techniques Training is recommended for all employees of private institutions, public institutions and organizations, local governments and non-governmental organizations. While the development of negotiation skills is critical for staff who are directly involved in or conduct negotiations in corporate activities and processes, it will also have a significant impact on other staff in the creation of sustainable relationships in daily life and in business relationships and in the realization of negotiations that end in mutual benefits.


Negotiation Techniques Training is delivered by trainers who are experienced in negotiation techniques and conducting negotiations and who have provided training on these issues or who are prominent with their studies / research in this field.

Objectives and learning outcomes

Those who have successfully completed the Negotiation Techniques Training are expected to;

  • Prepare and plans for negotiations using the basic concepts of principled negotiation,
  • Develop an understanding of the stages of negotiation,
  • Develop tactics and behaviors for successful negotiations,
  • Demonstrate how to deal with the tactics of the other side,
  • Explore the strengths and weaknesses of own negotiation techniques and style and become aware of what skills she/he can develop for better results in internal and external negotiations,
  • Develop confidence in communicating successfully using various communication channels,
  • Demonstrate how to apply negotiation skills in effectively managing the negotiation process to make progress, build relationships and conclude successful agreements,
  • Use negotiation techniques to convince the other side of the strength of the argument in favor of the position of her/his own institution,
  • Use appropriate techniques to deal with conflict or deadlocks according to the negotiation plan and the progress of the negotiation.


Negotiation Techniques Training includes the following topics:

  • Negotiation Process
  • Preparing for Negotiation
  • Negotiation Phase; Tactics, Styles, Persuasion Techniques, Negotiation Tools and Negotiation
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Manipulation and Coping with Psychological Pressure/Tactics
  • Post-Negotiation Phase; Implementation and Compliance, Post-Negotiation Assessment
  • Special Negotiation Situations; Cultural Considerations and Negotiation in a Crisis Situation

Delivery and method

Negotiation Techniques Training is applied in the form of face-to-face training. It is recommended to have no more than 20 people in each group to ensure active participation and effective learning in this training. However, if conditions arise that prevent face-to-face training, the training may be delivered remotely by using the Me-Learning© online learning platform and the Actio© meeting management tool.

The trainer guides learners through interaction, group work, role play, case studies and practices in a way that facilitates learning and improves their practice skills. In order for the learners to experience the negotiation processes, experience-based applied studies are carried out on examples from the real business environment and projects.

Learning tools and materials

In Negotiation Techniques Training, case studies, worksheets, group work and role-playing scenarios and guidelines that will support the learners to develop their skills in applying negotiation processes, strategies and techniques are used as teaching materials through course presentation. Before the training, the trainer meets with the institutional officials of the participants to obtain information about the duties, roles, responsibilities and studies of the participants in the negotiation processes and prepares the teaching materials and case studies in such a way that they are directly related to the actual work of the participants.

Audio visual and multimedia materials to be used in the training, templates, worksheets and other materials for exercises and practices are prepared by the trainer and distributed to the participants. However, if there is a sufficient number of hardware such as computers, notebooks or tablets in the learning environment, all materials are provided in a digital format and studies are carried out in digital context.

In accordance with our waste reduction policy, printed materials are not distributed in this training unless it is educationally necessary.

Assessment and evaluation

In order to optimize the learning process according to the learners’ needs, the level of readiness of the learners is assessed informally by the trainer at the beginning of the training. The studies carried out by the learners, such as exercises and practices are assessed as indicators of the development / learning and the trainer provides feedback and adjusts learning activities based on them in order to ensure effective learning. In addition, at the end of the training, the Training Evaluation Questionnaire is applied.

All participants who have completed the training receive a certificate of participation showing that they have completed the Negotiation Techniques Training, with duration of the training clearly stated.


Negotiation process, negotiation techniques, negotiation skills

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