Title of the training

Effective Management and Leadership


1 Day (6 lesson hours)

Purpose and scope

Understanding the concepts of management and leadership, and the difference between management and leadership forms a theoretical knowledge base. Effective Management and Leadership Training aims to acquire the basic skills and behaviors to manage effectively in a complex and highly skilled and capable business environment, to achieve success. Managing experts and teams of experts in specialized jobs requires leading with vision, motivating and empowering by setting direction, empowering, facilitating effective communication, and a results-oriented approach by clearly guiding individuals and teams. This Training aims to enable first-level and middle-level managers to discover and develop their own competencies in managing specialists and expert teams, and to acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to realize their management strategies with a goal-oriented and result-oriented management approach.

Target audience

Effective Management and Leadership training is recommended for the first-level and middle level managers and team leaders in corporate operation, those who undertake duties and roles in managing all kinds of team-teamwork, and those involved in project management.


Effective Management and Leadership training is delivered by trainers who are experienced in developing management and leadership capacity, who have experience in training and/or who have studies/research in the fields of management science and leadership.

Objectives and learning outcomes

Those who successfully complete the Effective Management and Leadership training are expected to;

  • Demonstrate basic management behaviors and use techniques to achieve results,
  • Strengthen leadership ability by developing emotional intelligence,
  • Use appropriate strategies to communicate with the team, motivate them and strengthen the team,
  • Delegate work appropriately to individuals and teams,
  • Create a management vision for success.


Effective Management and Leadership Training includes the following topics:

  • Creating the Conditions for Effective Management; Success Criteria, Direction, Continuous Improvement, Giving Initiative for High Performance, Stakeholders
  • Creating a Model of Excellence in Management; Managing-Leadership-Managing Relationship, Managing Experts, Determining the Management Model
  • Using Emotional Intelligence Effectively; Knowing Yourself and Knowing Others
  • Motivating for High Performance
  • Creating a Spirit of Unity by Delegating Tasks
  • Setting Goals and Creating Synergies
  • Taking a Proactive Approach to Managing Performance

Delivery and method

Effective Management and Leadership training is implemented in the form of face-to-face training. It is recommended to have no more than 20 people in each group to ensure active participation and effective learning in this training. However, if conditions arise that prevent face-to-face training, the training may be delivered remotely by using the Me-Learning© online learning platform and the Actio© meeting management tool.

The trainer guides learners to realize and develop their own competence and potential through interactions and practices in a way that facilitates learning and improves their practical skills. In order for the participants to gain experience in applying and developing skills in areas such as result-oriented management practices, managing experts and expert teams, using emotional intelligence effectively, implementing a proactive performance and management approach, practices such as role playing, working on scenarios, doing group work, practicing and working on cases are carried out.

Training tools and materials

In Effective Management and Leadership training, along with the presentation, multimedia contents, visuals, worksheets are used to attract the attention of the learners, to ensure focus and to support practices such as using emotional intelligence, knowing oneself and others, delegating tasks, setting goals.

Audio visual and multimedia materials, exercises, worksheets and other materials are prepared by the trainer and distributed to the participants. However, if there is a sufficient number of hardware such as computers, notebooks or tablets in the learning environment, all materials are provided in a digital format and studies are carried out in digital context.

In accordance with our waste reduction policy, printed materials are not distributed in this training unless it is educationally necessary.

Assessment and evaluation

In order to optimize the learning process according to the learners’ needs, the level of readiness of the learners is assessed informally by the trainer at the beginning of the training. The studies carried out by the learners, such as exercises and practices are assessed as indicators of the development / learning and the trainer provides feedback and adjusts learning activities based on them in order to ensure effective learning. In addition, at the end of the training, the Training Evaluation Questionnaire is applied.

All participants who complete the training receive a certificate of attendance showing that they have completed the Effective Management and Leadership Training, with duration of the training clearly stated.


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